It's time to take care of yourself & your baby

If there is ever a time to take good care of yourself, it's when you're pregnant! Relieve your back pain, reduce swelling, lower your blood pressure, and connect with your baby while indulging in some much deserved self-care.

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this is for you if

you're pregnant and dealing with back pain or swelling (and who isn't at some point?), or just want to indulge yourself in some much deserved self-care prior to baby's arrival

what will you get?

you'll receive

  • 3 45 minute float sessions

  • 2 one hour massages

  • 1 one hour yoga private

and maybe best of all, at least 1 hour of uninterrupted self care each week!



floating while pregnant

Floating through pregnancy: high blood pressure

My first session was SUCH a relief, I vowed to float 1 to 3 times a week through the end of the pregnancy. This vow was made not as a result of my blood pressure specifically, but out of the desire to have some real ME time. Something I’d been neglecting to do up until that point. Time that was free of discomfort, constant multitasking and overstimulation. Time when I could truly rest, reboot, connect with my unborn child, and make up for the lack of good sleep....

The double heartbeat: floating your way to motherhood

Q. What have been the greatest benefits you received from floating while pregnant?

Karla: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat was a big one. Long before I heard it in the doctor’s office I could hear it in the tank; and much earlier than I expected. This has allowed me to bond with my unborn in ways I never thought possible....

Sweet Relief

 I can lay on my belly, and it’s glorious.  I put my chin in my hands and my elbows on the bottom of the tank.  I float there, belly down in the water. After a while I turn over onto my back. It’s like the best mattress ever.  It’s better than a mattress.  There are no pressure points where all my extra weight is grinding against my joints.  Nothing pushing against my sore loosened hips.  My spine gets to stretch and extend, my pelvis relaxes, the Epsom salts work their magic.....