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Flotation: Meditation Made Easy

There is a moment, between being awake and being asleep, where the mind quiets, time stops, and you aren't your body or your mind yet more than them all at once. Have you ever spent more than a moment in a state like that? Maybe if you're experienced at meditation you have. For the rest of us, probably not.

The first time I floated it was purely for the physical. The sensation of weightlessness, the curative effect of saltwater on my skin. But part-way through my float, my mind stopped. I wasn't asleep, but I wasn't consciously awake. My body went away, my mind went away, and all that was left was my self. And I felt like I was falling into myself, yet my self no longer existed separately.

The sensation took me totally by surprise. I'd come to a similar place a few times during acupuncture, but only after months of treatments & getting used to the place, the practitioner, and the experience. Change one factor, and it'd be gone. But one time floating and I was there.

I've since learned that this is samadhi - a state of complete absorption, removed from your 5 senses - found in the meditative process. Can this be found outside of the float tank? Absolutely. Within 20 minutes of your first time meditating? Definitely not.

floating and meditation
floating and meditation

The magic of the float environment is that it makes the benefits of meditation easily accessible to anyone. Meditation reduces stress & anxiety - not just the feelings but also the density of brain tissue associated with anxiety and worrying. Meditation improves creativity, focus and memory - multiple studies show increased attention and memory in older volunteers and even partial improvements in memory for patients with Alzheimer's. Physically, mediation also measurably reduces both blood pressure and pain.

The benefits of meditation are available to anyone with the discipline to practice it. Floating makes those benefits available to anyone who hops in the tank.

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