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Why you can float for 30 minutes, but we don't (necessarily) recommend it

Floating works on many levels, from soothing the skin to dampening parasympathetic nervous system activity in the brain.

Some of these benefits can be realized within a shorter session, but the most unique and profound benefits can only be found after reaching the deeper states of relaxation. For most people that takes between 25-40 minutes, and as a general rule, the newer you are to it, the longer it takes.

half hour float

Already you can see how the math doesn't add up. So why even offer 30 minute sessions?

  1. Not everyone floats for the mental benefits. Some of the physical benefits which come from floating in the highly saturated Epsom salt water - soothing the skin and a reduction in pain, soreness, and muscle tension - can be realized in shorter sessions.

  2. San Miguel de Allende receives a significant amount of tourism. Floating is new, and people want to try it while they're here, but don't always have enough time for a 60 or 90 minute session.

  3. A shorter session can be an entry point to longer, more beneficial sessions. Float therapy is showing great potential as a treatment for PTSD, generalized anxiety, and chronic pain management, but some people prefer a shorter session their first time to just get used to the new environment and sensations.

If you are considering a 30 minute float for any of these reasons, we do recommend that you combine it with either infrared sauna or massage, depending upon your intention, to maximize the benefits of the float within a shorter timeframe.

  • Pain relief/pain management - 30 min float followed by 30 min or 1 hour infrared sauna session. It is best to take the sauna after the float because heating up the body in the sauna prior to floating can make the float seem cool in comparison.

  • Mental relaxation/try a float - 30 min or 1 hour relaxing massage followed by 30 min float. The massage is recommended before float because it will assist with relaxing more rapidly into the shorter float session.

  • Athletic recovery/sore muscles - 30 min float followed by 30 min or 1 hour massage. Having the float prior to the massage will allow the massage therapist to work more deeply into the muscles.

So while a 30 minute float session generally isn't long enough for people to experience the full range of benefits from floating, it may be enough to fulfill your intention. And that's why although we don't necessarily recommend a 30 minute float, it is an option.

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