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#FloatCon 2017 (English)

I struggle with offering floating as a spa service because it goes so much deeper than the surface. Sure, you'll leave more relaxed, with softer skin, and feeling like you've let go of tension in places where you didn't even know you had it. But beyond that, it's proving to be a powerful tool for physical and mental recovery.

#FloatCon2017 has just wrapped, and after presentations from researchers at the Laureate Institute of Brain Research, Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the University Of Cincinnati, these are my 3 main takeaways:

1) Floating doesn't just reduce symptoms of mental illness; it also increases symptoms of mental wellness. Research at the Laureate Institute of Brain Research is showing that a single float session leads to a reduction in anxiety, along with an increase in serenity; furthermore, this effect is most pronounced in people with more elevated levels of anxiety.

2) Floating tackles multiple physiological systems SIMULTANEOUSLY + it doesn't require training. Research presented at the conference shows that floating can reduce cortisol, improve heart rate variability, and balance the sympathetic & parasympathetic systems alike for people who are lethargic/depressed or over-stressed/anxious. The added bonus is that it doesn't require any training. Just step in the tank, lie back, and float.

3) Floating is an experience which is manifested in as many ways as there are practitioners of it. Every person who enters the float tank will have a different experience, every time. It can be restless, relaxing, introspective, recuperative, life-changing, or profound. It can reset your day, or as an ongoing practice, reset your life.

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