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Your self care is health care. Make it routine.

When you join Club Sano, you'll get the flexibility you need, at an affordable price, so you can prioritize your own wellbeing. Each club option offers great discounts and valuable perks!

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what are my options?

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Club Sano


6 credits



Club Sano "Sweat"

Unlimited Sauna


4 credits



Club Sano "Float"

Unlimited Floats


4 credits



  • 1 credit = 45 min infrared sauna

  • 2 credits = 75 min float session

  • 3 credits = one hour massage

Club Sano benefits

  • Credits don't expire, as long as you're an active member

  • You can share your credits with friends or family

  • Put your membership on hold for up to 3 months for 100p

  • Get additional sauna sessions for only 400p (save 150p), float sessions for only 600p (save 200p), or massages for 750p (save 200p)

...and best of all, the self care YOU need, whenever you need it!


  • 300p initiation 1st month, or purchase 3 months up front (in store)

  • Unlimited portion of membership cannot be shared

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