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time spent on a massage

is never wasted

Self care is health care. So take good care of you.



Essential Massage

Massage adapted to your individual needs, varying in technique and pressure. Reduce tension and sore muscles, relax and improve circulation. 60 and 90 min sessions available


Hot Stone Massage

Melt away tension, ease stiff muscles, increase circulation & experience deep relaxation. The hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones to warm up tight muscles, allowing the therapist to work on pressure points and problem areas to alleviate tension and stress. 75 minute session.

facials & exfoliations


Facial Treatments

Facials help your skin recuperate its balance and healthy glow. The treatment begins with a light exfoliation to help oxygenate & regenerate the skin naturally. 


As the facial products are applied and left to act on the skin, the therapist massages your neck, head, shoulders, and feet. The treatment completes with the application of an ampoule according to the needs of your skin. 


50 minute session.


Body Exfoliation

Enjoy a massage that also leaves you with smoother & more luminous skin. Body exfoliation will activate your circulation and promotes better oxygenation of your skin.


The therapist applies the exfoliating products by means of a light massage, stimulating the elimination of dead cells and other impurities in the skin. The body exfoliation is especially recommended in combination with and prior to a massage and/or infrared sauna session to achieve an even greater benefit.


One hour.

happy clients


why choose our spa?


El masaje relajante permite, de pies a cabeza, la relajación total. Se realiza con pases suaves y lentos con poca presión y que llevan a obtener una paz interna. Opciones para sesiones de una hora o 90 minutos.

Masaje Aromaterapia

El masaje de aromaterapia combina el masaje y la aromaterapia, para aumentar el poder de curación, reducir el estrés y aliviar el dolor. Elige tu aceite de nuestro menú para tu sesión de una hora.


Holistic Focus

When you leave our spa, not only will you look better, you'll feel better too. We don't just treat the exterior of the person, but rather offer options to improve both physical and mental health too.


Unique Treatments

In addition to traditional spa treatments like massage, facials, and exfoliation, you can add to the benefits of your spa treatment by combining it with a float or an infrared sauna session. 


These treatments are found in very few places in Mexico, so take advantage of them while you're here in San Miguel de Allende!


Family Business

We're a small, family business. Wellness is our focus, nothing else. We do our best to provide the best service, and we're passionate about the treatments that we offer.

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