The story

The fact that Float Sano exists comes from personal struggle with debilitating stress, anxiety, and insomnia. I found float therapy by accident and was blown away by how easily my mind went quiet that first time in the float pod.


I was determined to stop taking medications that were only addressing the symptoms of anxiety and instead find treatments that would fix what was wrong at the core. With a regimen including float therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga, I have. 

While float therapy and its benefits are well known in the USA, it is still relatively unheard of in Mexico. I opened Float Sano because I wanted to bring some of what has helped me to San Miguel de Allende so that other people could find healing here too. 



Flotation, sauna, and massage are all treatments proven to work through history and/or scientific studies. Sauna and massage have thousands of years and multiple lineages, and while float therapy was developed in the 1950's, it is being studied for its potential to treat multiple physical and mental conditions.


We're a holistic health spa specializing in proven services that treat the whole person. 


Float therapy, infrared sauna, and massage work on many levels and in ways that are interconnected. While each one feels amazing, it is also improving multiple facets of your health inside and out.


We struggle with calling Float Sano a spa, because spa implies luxury and something beyond necessary. But a self care regimen is essential to keeping ourselves healthy, and flotation, infrared sauna, and massage when done on a regular basis can both maintain and heal the body and mind.


Somos un spa de salud integral que se especializa en servicios comprobados que tratan a la persona entera. 



Solamente ofrecemos terapias que funcionan. Las terapias de sauna, masaje, y flotación han sido probados a traves de años de historía y estudios científicos.

We only offer therapies that work. Sauna, massage, and float therapy have been proven to work through history and scientific study.



Ofrecemos terapias holísticas que funcionan de manera integral. Si bien la flotación, el sauna infrarrojo, y el masaje se sienten increíbles, también están mejorando múltiples facetas de tu salud por dentro y por fuera.

We offer holistic therapies that function in an integrated manner. While float therapy, infrared sauna, and massage feel amazing, they are also improving multiple facets of your health inside and out.



Debatimos con llamar a Float Sano un spa, porque "spa" implica lujo y algo más que necesario. Pero un régimen de autocuidado es esencial para mantenernos saludables, y la flotación, el sauna infrarrojo y el masaje cuando se realizan de forma regular pueden mantener y sanar el cuerpo y la mente.

We debated calling Float Sano a spa because "spa" implies luxury and something beyond necessary. But a self care regimen is essential to maintain our health, and when done on a regular basis, floating, infrared sauna, and massage can maintain and heal our bodies and minds.

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