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Treating PMS with Floatation Tank Therapy

Now for the good news, among all the weird and fancy treatments attempted by the entire medical community, two researchers named Turner and Fine discovered that flotation therapy has the potential to regulate hormones in both men and women.

Riding on the idea that PMS was the direct result of hormonal imbalances that varied from woman to woman, they hinged on the idea that flotation therapy could possibly normalize overall hormonal activity and diminish the severity of PMS.


The hypothesis projected was that there will be a substantial reduction in symptoms among the test subjects selected from 3 groups of women who volunteered to take part in the study.

The results proved the hypothesis that float tank therapy does relieve PMS symptoms as the women from the first group showed very little improvements, the women from the second group had improved slightly and the women from the third group were able to manage their PMS without issues after 6 months of treatment.


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